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Leroy DeMasellis

Rock of Ages


Dr. LeRoy DeMasellis is our missionary to the prisons of Michigan.  He has been a member of our church since its founding and has been instrumental in our outreach programs.  While we are his sending church, he is a missionary working with Rock of Ages Ministries.


Rock of Ages Ministries is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in taking the Gospel to prisons, educational institutions, and military prisons through their church planting assistance program, which is established on five continents and is preaching the Gospel and conducting discipleship classes on a daily basis. Their goal is to glorify God by taking the Gospel to the entire world.


Rock of Ages Ministries was established in 1977 and is a worldwide outreach ministering on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. They offer ministry outreach to prisons, schools, and the military and through their Publication Department, Revivals, Chaplaincy Program, Discipleship Institute, and their College of Biblical Studies.

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